Honoring Our Heroes

Do you know a real life hero?

Honoring Our Heroes is a writing contest developed in 1995 by the Eastern Cobb County Council of PTAs. The program was de-signed to encourage students to discover “real life” heroes who have shown generosity, trust, persistence, dedication, leadership, creativity, caring, bravery, imagination, service, gentleness, courage, or compassion. The creators of the program wanted students to redefine the heroes they saw portrayed in the media — cartoon characters, professional athletes, rock stars, etc. — and instead recognize the true heroes in their lives. Our real heroes are grandparents, parents, siblings, doctors, policemen, soldiers, teachers, and anyone else that has made a real and positive impact on a student’s life.

Sponsor: This writing program is sponsored by the Cherokee County Council PTA and NOT the Georgia PTA or National PTA. It en-courages our students to recognize a person that has been special to them and to continue expressing their thoughts through their writing abilities.

Participants: Any student at a Cherokee County School that has a Parent Teacher Association or Parent Teacher Student Associa-tion in Good Standing.

Theme: Select a real life hero who has made a difference, and who has shown one or more of the following characteristics: gener-osity, trust, persistence, dedication, leadership, creativity, caring, bravery, imagination, service, generosity, courage or compassion. Describe how this hero has had an impact on your life, directly or indirectly. This must be someone that the student knows person-ally and not a public figure like Steve Jobs or Lebron James.

Format: Entries are limited to ONE 8-1/2 x 11 inch piece of paper. The student may use both sides of the paper. Entries may be handwritten or typed. Pictures drawn by the student may be included as part of the entry, but they are to be judged primarily on content, not artistic ability. A completed entry form should be completed and paper clipped to each entry.

Identification: Each entry must be accompanied by a completed entry form with address, grade and school. All entries will be-come the property of the Cherokee County Council PTA.

Judging: Entries should be judged on the student’s ability to articulate the qualities of the hero and to describe the manner in which the hero affected the student’s life, either directly or indirectly. Each Local PTA will judge its own entries and submit one entry per grade level. Judges should be an independent judge (similar to how you locate judges for Reflections).

Photos: Winning entries submitted to Council are encouraged to include a photo of the student with their hero. These photos are used to create a photo slideshow that is shown at the beginning of the ceremony. The photos can be sent in with the entry for CCC to scan or they can be emailed to Tara Nalley. Please label photos with the student’s name.

Deadline: Local PTAs will choose their own deadline. The local unit PTA should submit winning school entries to the Cherokee County Council PTA by February 10, 2017.

Awards: Celebrate your winning writers at the school level, similar to your Reflections celebrations and awards. CCC will celebrate winning writers at a reception on March 27, 2017, at Cherokee High School. Invitations and more information will be forthcoming.

Please do not fold the entries. Lay them flat in a 9”x12” envelope. Please do not staple the cover sheet to the entry — use a paper clip. Please email me when you’ve submitted your packet so I know to look for it.  PLEASE make a backup copy of all entries submitted to the county.

Questions? Contact Tara Nalley.



Entry form