grantsGrants/Money everyone should be applying for:

What do I write? 
Most grants will have a template to complete, if not here are some suggestions:

  • Name of school PTA
  • State you are a Non-Profit Organization
  • Purpose of your request: e.g. to seek finance assistance with repair to playground equipment. Tell them the cost of the repairs and request any assistance they are able to offer. You can say we estimate it will cost xyz if you don’t have the exact amount.
  • Maybe note any financial restrictions with the school/parent population.
  • Also note how many children this will affect, if community children also play there note that as well (preschoolers, etc.).  They like to hear other children outside of the school will benefit as well.
  • I would also say how important health initiatives are in your school, that this is a goal of your school’s PTA to make children more health conscious by emphasizing outside activity time on safe playground equipment.
  • Thank them for the consideration and let them know any financial assistance is greatly appreciate.