Letter to Governor Deal

January 7, 2014

The Office of the Governor
206 Washington Street
Suite 203, State Capitol
Atlanta, GA 30334

To the Honorable Governor Nathan Deal:

I am writing on behalf of an organization of concerned educators that have come together to form T.R.A.G.I.C., or Teachers Rally Against Georgia Insurance Changes. The group was created to bring awareness to the detrimental change in health insurance to Georgia’s teachers, school staff and retirees for 2014. T.R.A.G.I.C. was created on Thursday January 2, 2014, and has steadily grown by 1,000 members daily since inception. Teachers, retirees, lunchroom workers, librarians, bus drivers, paraprofessionals, Administration, Board of Education Members, elected officials, other groups of state employees and their families comprise the group and support the cause. Parents that value the relationship with their children’s teachers have joined and voiced their concerns as well: How do we expect teachers to care for our children when they cannot afford to care for their own? In most counties across Georgia, the largest employer is the school system. The reduction of healthcare accessibility and options for teachers is a reduction in services for the children of Georgia.

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Cherokee County Council PTA Resolution Supporting T.R.A.G.I.C

WHEREAS, the Cherokee County School District (CCSD) is recognized as one of the top school systems in the state of Georgia, offering a high quality and rigorous education; and

WHEREAS, the quality of the CCSD schools directly impacts the community through desirability for corporations and individuals to relocate and this growth is a benefit not only to Cherokee County but also to the state of Georgia; and

WHEREAS, the Cherokee County Council PTA (CCC PTA) acknowledges the high achievements of CCSD students are largely in part due to the excellent, well-trained, passionate, focused teachers, administrators, and support staff who up until recently had been well-supported by state employee health insurance options; and

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2013-14 Cherokee County Reflections Winners

Special Artists:
  • Ryan Webber, Bascomb
  • Brody Wright, Indian Knoll
  • Andy Meredith, Freedom
Visual Arts:
  • Cole Trombley, Bascomb
  • Sanne Washington, Bascomb
  • Mitchell Talley, Bascomb
  • Savannah Hunter, Sequoyah
  • Claire Clemons, Indian Knoll
  • Maggie Jones, Johnston
  • Anne Marie Robida, Macedonia
  • Bragan Quinter, Liberty
  • Kelly Manke, Liberty
  • Kira Pennington, Macedonia
  • Christinia Warren, Avery
  • Wesley Harrison, Johnston
  • Grace Kicak, Macedonia
  • Madison Clements, Bascomb
  • Katy Krumrey, Sixes
  • Hallie Cameron, Little River
  • Kaylee Lankford,Hasty
  • Carter Macdonald, Little River
  • Conner Fisher, Oak Grove
  • Sarah Oburu, Clark Creek
  • Hannah Williams, Clayton
  • Kayla Lambert, ET Booth
  • Anna Huller, RM Moore
  • Katherine Kenney, Mill Creek
  • Briana Bradley, Mill Creek
  • Jessica Rios, Teasley
  • Chase Harris, Teasley
  • Jessica Cohen, ET Booth
  • Kate Chupp, ET Booth
  • Kaitlyn Bates, Sequoyah
  • Lauren Schletty, Sequoyah
  • Isabelle Riddle, Sequoyah
  • Julia Turbyfield, Etowah
  • Heather Rodgers, Etowah
  • Maddi Huff, River Ridge
  • Cindy Chen, River Ridge
  • Jaclyn Gehrsitz, Sequoyah
  • Katelyn Henderson, Etowah
  • Joan Mukoma, Etowah
  • Adam Geller, Creekview
  • Hayley Harkins, Sequoyah
  • Benjaminh Nguyen, Macedonia
  • Maddox Smith, Little River
  • Jillian Clark, Avery
  • Emily Norton, Indian Knoll
  • Lily Dew, Macedonia
  • Cheryl Springer, Arnold Mill
  • Maggie Drew, Avery
  • Jack Landreth, Macedonia
  • Greer Unterreiner, Sixes
  • Caitlien Nguyen, Macedonia
  • Heidi Shook, Sixes
  • Rebecca Wettlaufer,RM Moore
  • Evelyn Hall, Avery
  • Lauren Durkin, Mountain Road
  • Kaylee Cobb, Indian Knoll
  • Haley Smith, Creekland
  • Emmy Young, ET Booth
  • Alexander Cade Thannisch, Creekview
  • Chloe Promiscuo, River Ridge
  • Shannon Dhanani, Woodstock
  • Joseph McCann, River Ridge
Dance Choreography:
  • Emma Hagle, Avery
  • Elena Nelson, Indian Knoll
  • Olivia Butcher, Sixes
  • Hayden Tipton, Macedonia
  • Zoe Porter, Liberty
  • Bailey Rickard, Johnston
  • Carolyn Forrester, Arnold Mill
  • Ansley Westbrook, Johnston
  • Sophie Weissel, Carmel
  • Sophie Cordaro, Sixes
  • Iliana Bartolacci, Free Home
  • Sarah Macomber,Sixes
  • Calli Stanley, Hickory Flat
  • Ashlyn Carroll, RM Moore
  • Madeline Fiscarelli, ET Booth
  • Madison Grey, Canton
  • Madison Pelton, Dean Rusk
  • Madison Aucoin, Sequoyah
  • Elizabeth Hale, Etowah
  • Mia Conklin, River Ridge
  • Brady Serbinski, Free Home
  • Mark Prewett, Johnston
  • Vanessa Cawley, Free Home
  • Michael King, Ball Ground
  • Anna White, Ball Ground
  • Natalie Rhines, Indian Knoll
  • Will Murphy, Hickory Flat
  • Aubrey Peterson, Free Home
  • Lexi Harney, Little River
  • Avery Bankston, Clark Creek
  • Logan Nalley, Macedonia
  • Lily Carras, Mountain Road
  • Lauren Kimber, Avery
  • Taylor Rhines, Indian Knoll
  • Ethan Grant, Avery
  • Conner Fisher, Oak Grove
  • Emma Lambert, Bascomb
  • Leora Winter, RM Moore
  • Riley Briggs, Freedom
  • Olivia Woodard, Woodstock Middle
  • Zoe Carnes, Hickory Flat
  • Hannah Kimber, Creekland
  • Katherine Lewis, Mill Creek
  • Madison Pelton, Dean Rusk
  • Allison Billbrough, ET Booth
  • Elizabeth Latimer, Dean Rusk
  • Joseph David Marshall, Freedom
  • Caroline Trahant, River Ridge
  • Isabella Clark, Creekview
  • Nicole Woodard, Woodstock  High
  • Madeline Gilmer, Etowah
  • Michael Vogel, Sequoyah
  • Maddi Huff, River Ridge
  • Olivia Pettway, Cherokee
  • Leigha Woodard, Woodstock High
  • Leigha Woodard, Woodstock High
  • Shelton Thomas, River Ridge
  • Gabriella Cammarata, Cherokee
  • Rachel Nipp ,Cherokee
Film Production:
  • Brayden Fuentes, Macedonia
  • Dawson Martin, Ball Ground
  • Julia Tafarki, Liberty
  • Claire Koch, Sixes
  • Shelby McDonald, Ball Ground
  • Davie Collie, Holly Springs
  • Molly Johnston, Arnold Mill
  • Jace Nichols, Indian Knoll
  • Sathrika Narasimhan, Mill Creek
  • Shannon Filbey, ET Booth
  • Allison Billbrough, ET Booth
  • Jordan Eaves, ET Booth
  • Dakota Spruell, Creekview
  • Anabel Brooks, Creekview
  • Madeline Gilmer, Etowah
  • Joe Monteleone, River Ridge
  • Elias Delvasto, Woodstock
  • Amanda Jo Marshall, Cherokee
Visual Arts:
  • Addison Barber, RM Moore
  • Victoria Mudrick, Bascomb
  • Marin Powell, Carmel
  • Emalee Bennett, Indian Knoll
  • Maja Brooker, Arnold Mill
  • Natalie Rhines, Indian Knoll
  • Kyra Bartolacci, Free Home
  • Sophie Lyen, Liberty
  • Kobe Valone, Hickory Flat
  • Catherine Brumbeloe, Indian Knoll
  • Logan White, Liberty
  • Charlotte Carswell, Arnold Mill
  • Virginia Dew, Macedonia
  • Gracelynn Branham, Johnston
  • Stella Starosclak, Liberty
  • Regan Topham, Liberty
  • Katie Brown, Indian Knoll
  • Kiley Miller, Clark Creek
  • Karya Suryadevara, Mountain Road
  • Julianne Branham, Mill Creek
  • Jed Guin, Mill Creek
  • Nathan Hall, Creekland
  • Bayley Carroll, Teasley
  • Delaney Duclos, Dean Rusk
  • Olivia Rexford, Mill Creek
  • Alayna Dhanani, Freedom
  • Lexi Shever, Dean Rusk
  • Teck Siaw, River Ridge
  • Nicole Woodard,Woodstock High
  • Sebastian Mejia, Sequoyah
  • Sarah Willerson, River Ridge
  • Alexis Maggard, Woodstock High
  • Augustina Horlava, Sequoyah
  • Ansley Petherick,Sequoyah
  • Heather Pendlington,Etowah
  • Melanie Mitchell, Sequoyah
  • Lex Lauletta, Sequoyah
  • Kayla McMickens, Cherokee

Cherokee County PTAs

Elementary Schools

Middle Schools

High Schools

  • Cherokee High
  • Creekview High
  • Crossroads HS/MS
  • Etowah High
  • Polaris Evening School
  • River Ridge High
  • Sequoyah High
  • Woodstock High